Effects of Global Warming:

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  • Rising Seas - inundation of fresh water marshlands (the everglades), low-lying cities, and islands with seawater.

  • Changes in rainfall patterns - droughts and fires in some areas, flooding in other areas. See the section above on the recent droughts, for example:

  • Increased likelihood of extreme events - such as flooding, hurricanes, etc.

Forest Fire

  • Melting of the ice caps - loss of habitat near the poles. Polar bears are now thought to be greatly endangered by the shortening of their feeding season due to dwindling ice packs.

Ice-caps Melting Deadliest

  • Melting glaciers - significant melting of old glaciers is already observed.

Glacier Melting

  • Widespread vanishing of animal populations - following widespread habitat loss.

  • Loss of Plankton due to warming seas - The enormous (900 mile long) Aleution island ecosystems of orcas (killer whales), sea lions, sea otters, sea urchins, kelp beds, and fish populations, appears to have collapsed due to loss of plankton, leading to loss of sea lions, leading orcas to eat too many sea otters, leading to urchin explosions, leading to loss of kelp beds and their associated fish populations.

References: Effects of Global Warming

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